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01-Jan-09  | Version 1.6.1e-pre Prereleased

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This is a bugfix prerelease. It contains fixes for the track name display (AC-3 track) and for the garbled compressor name display in Quicktime (MAC-Version)

04-Oct-08  | MP4Muxer GUI for MP4Creator Version 0.9.3 Released

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The newest version allows to multiplex AC-3 multi channel tracks conforming to the newly released ISO/IEC 14496-12 Annex F. It also features a MPEG-4 stream analyzer.

23-Aug-08  | Version 1.6.1c source code package released

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The source code for mp4creator 1.6.1c has been committed to subversion and is also available for download as an archive for your convenience.

09-Aug-08  | MP4Muxer GUI for MP4Creator Version 0.9.2 Released

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New in Version 0.9.2

The newest version 0.9.2 contains bug fixes and a streamlined layout.
Use "Check for Updates..." from the Help menu.

26-Jul-08  | Project Web Site Up and Running

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MP4Creator has now a new home page with up-to-date binaries, screenshots and useful links.

14-Jul-08  | Version 1.6.1b released

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This release adds patches made by tuber99 and by pollaehne. MP4Creator supports now chapters and anamorphic sizing. There are two new command-line params when adding a video track: -qth=xxx and -qtw=xxx.

14-Jul-08  | Initial branch release Version 1.6.1a

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I decided to gather all the available patches for mp4creator and to release them as a new branch. I keep the original version 1.6.1 from which it was branched and add a numbering scheme in form of "a,b,c,.." for the patched versions.

Version 1.6.1a is the first release, which contains a patch for the Quicktime "missing data size" problem discussed at doom9.

06-Jul-08  | MP4Creator 1.6.1c released

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This is the newest version of the MPEG4 multiplexer.
It adds features like chapter support, anamorphic resizing, track deletion and additions to better support Quicktime.

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