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MPEG-4 is the global multimedia standard, delivering professional-quality audio and video streams over a wide range of bandwidths, from cell phone to broadband and beyond.

MP4Creator is the tool from Cisco's mpeg4ip suite that combines video, audio, text and other media to create MPEG-4 streams. MPEG-4 is the major format understood by today's devices, including PCs, iPods, iPhones, appleTVs, STBs, consoles and many more.
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The MPEG-4 standard is receiving tremendous support by many of the premiere Internet content providers and other industries. For example, H.264 video, also known as MPEG-4 part 10, has been adopted by the ISO MPEG allowing to create ISO-complaint H.264 video in a .MP4 file.

What is MP4Creator?

MP4Creator creates and modifies MP4 files. It combines previously encoded video or audio tracks, as well as subtitles, chapter information and meta data. While supporting many formats, the number one choice for video is H.264 and for audio is AAC. Both formats play on a wide range of devices and are supported by most software players including Quicktime, Flash and VLC. There are excellent freeware encoders like x264, FAAC and NeroAACEnc. (See the links page for details)

MP4Creator can also be used to delete tracks from a .MP4 or .MOV movie for whatever reason or to demultiplex tracks to use them somewhere else. It has a rich set of features accessable from the command line as well as the graphical frontend (GUI) MP4Muxer.

Download MP4Creator

MP4Creator is available compiled for 32bit Windows from our download page or as an archived source package, if you like to compile it for your favorite operating system. You can also access the subversion repository for the latest head image.

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01-Jan-09  | Version 1.6.1e-pre Prereleased

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This is a bugfix prerelease. It contains fixes for the track name display (AC-3 track) and for the garbled compressor name display in Quicktime (MAC-Version)

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